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For years, Gold Star Kids has devoted its energy to passionately advocating for the Children of Fallen Heroes. 


 Statistics state there are over 15,000 children classified as a "Gold Star Child." What is not a statistic but is very real is the children and what they have gone through and are currently dealing with every day alone. Many will never complete high school and will suffer continuously from depression, and will not form a healthy relationship again without intervention. We spend our time helping these families, so the sacrifice their parent made for all of us to have our freedoms is not forgotten. 

About Us

We are dedicated to serving the children of the Fallen Heroes who died protecting our way of life and defending our country.

 For a young child, nothing can replace the loss of a mother or father. At Gold Star Kids, we work to give those families hope and opportunity –  That’s where we – and you – come in. Together, we help to bridge the gap between what they have and what they need.

The vision of Gold Star Kids is to ensure that EVERY such child receives ALL necessary funding.

 At Gold Star Kids, our passion is to raise awareness around the country, and to rally support. For our promise to them is making sure people remember their sacrifice.  These kids have endured great hardships, have suffered the ultimate loss. By providing support in the form of grief counseling, scholarships and long-term educational counseling, or to simply provide financial support when needed. We honor the lives of those men and women who gave their lives for our country.  

This is an important investment in the future of America.

This is one of the best ways we can honor those who died protecting our way of life and defending our country. 

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Dedicated to serving the Children of Fallen Heroes

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